Disney Resurrects 'Tron' With New Video Game

Return to the Grid
Courtesy of Disney Interactive
Return to the Grid

While Disney pulled the plug on plans for a third Tron movie, it hasn't abandoned the sci-fi franchise altogether. Instead, the universe inside a video game has shifted, fittingly, to video games with the release of Tron Run/r.

Described by Disney Mobile senior vp and general manager Chris Heatherly as "a new direction" for Disney Interactive, Tron Run/r — created in collaboration with Sanzaru Games — allows players the chance to run, ride and light-disc their way through 32 levels of a redesigned virtual world that takes its cues from both 1982 original Tron and 2010 follow-up Tron: Legacy.

The game has been available on Steam Early Access — which allows users of the Steam platform the ability to play games still in development — since December, with the finished version released for Steam and PlayStation 4 platforms on Tuesday; an Xbox One release will follow.

In a statement, Heatherly wrote, "I want to thank the fans who supported us in Early Access because without you, Tron Run/r would not be releasing wide today," adding that this game's success will help Disney Interactive "plant more 'seeds' like this in the future."

The release of the game signals that Disney isn't quite done with the Tron franchise despite last year's decision not to move forward with a third movie, which had been in development for a number of years with Legacy director Joseph Kosinski attached along with the second pic's stars, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund.

In addition to the movies, Disney XD aired a short-lived animated spinoff, Tron: Uprising, which lasted one season from 2012 to 2013.