Disney's Cinderella Castle Gets 4,000-Brick, $350 Lego Set

Disney Lego H 2016
Courtesy of Lego
The model goes on sale Sept. 1.

The happiest place on earth has gone bricks.

Lego is releasing a 4,080-piece, $350 buildable version of Cinderella's Castle from Disneyland (and Tokyo Disney). The exterior of the set is a pretty faithful re-creation of the famous building but it's the interior that really soars. Sprinkled throughout the detailed interior are Easter eggs to different Disney movies: There’s the Evil Queen’s mirror from Snow White, an archery target from Brave, a glass slipper from Cinderella and many more. Stud shooters re-create the daily fireworks show at the castle.

The castle measures an enormous 29 inches high, 17 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

It comes with five minifigures, including Mickey Mouse (in tails), Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and for the first time ever, Tinkerbell.

Cinderella’s Castle goes on sale directly through Lego beginning Sept. 1. Lego VIP members (signing up is free) can purchase the set starting Aug. 14.

See pictures of the interior rooms with the nods to classic Disney movies below.