'Disney's Frozen' Continues in 'Reunion Road' Comic Book

Frozen Reunion Road-Comic-Publicity-H 2018
Eduardo Francisco/Dark Horse Comics
The Dark Horse series will begin in March.

Family reunions and discoveries are at the heart of Anna and Elsa’s latest adventure, as Dark Horse Comics continues its partnership with Disney with the announcement of an all-new three issue miniseries, Disney’s Frozen: Reunion Road.

The new title is the second Frozen release from Dark Horse, following this year’s Disney’s Frozen: Breaking Boundaries. That title’s author Joe Caramagna returned to write the latest installment, with art coming from the team of layout artist Eduardo Francisco, line artist Eduard Petrovich and colorists Nastia Beloushova and Yana Chinstova. Lettering on the title comes from Comicraft.

The plot of the series sees Anna and Elsa deciding to accept an invitation to the harvest festival of neighboring kingdom Snoob, after discovering that beloved servant Kai has a long-lost brother there — a decision that leads the two sisters, Kai and friends Olaf, Kristoff and Sven down a road filled with surprises and adventure around every turn.

Ahead of the March 6 release of Disney’s Frozen: Reunion Road No. 1, Dark Horse will release a collection of Disney’s Frozen: Breaking Boundaries on Jan. 29, and available now for pre-order. 

A second Frozen movie is scheduled for a Nov. 22, 2019, release.