Dive Into a Psychedelic Art World With 'Electric Sublime' Comic (Exclusive Trailer)

Albert Einstein once said that "creativity is contagious," but even he couldn't have imagined that a painting could end up infecting the minds of everyone who viewed it. That's the central conceit of The Electric Sublime, a psychedelic thriller from IDW Publishing set for release next month, and THR has the exclusive debut of the trailer for the project.

Described by the publisher as a story where "art history, madness and expression meet in a Pollock-splatter of thrilling crime adventure," The Electric Sublime comes from One Week In the Library writer W. Maxwell Prince and The Great Pacific's Martin Morazzo. Set in a world where there's such a thing as the Bureau of Artistic Integrity — not to mention rogue "art detectives" — the story spins through cultural theory and art history as its heroes try to understand just why a famous painting has started poisoning the minds of its audience.

Initially serialized last year, next month's 104-page collected edition brings the entire story together under one set of covers, and offers a new chance for readers to find themselves confused, educated and entertained by art gone mad. The new trailer offers a tease of what lies ahead, with the collection in comic book stores April 5.