Djimon Hounsou in Talks for Guy Ritchie's 'Knights of the Round Table'

Djimon Hounsou - H 2014
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Actor could follow 'Guardians of the Galaxy' with medieval Arthurian fantasy

Djimon Hounsou is about to go from deep space to Arthurian legend, with the Guardians of the Galaxy actor in talks to join Guy Ritchie’s Knights of the Round Table project, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The movie, which will feature Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam as Arthur, is intended to be the first of a new franchise for Warner Bros., based on the myths and legends surrounding the British leader of the 5th and 6th centuries known for his magical sword Excalibur and hanging around with the wizard Merlin Ambrosius (Spoilers: while Arthur may be a real-life character, Excalibur and Merlin are both somewhat more apocryphal).

According to sources, Hounsou’s character would take the mentor position to Arthur usually associated with Merlin, the classic wizard. In this case, however, the character is named Bedivere and was a trusted aide to Arthur's father.

Variety first reported the casting talks.

If he signs on to Knights, it’ll continue an impressive trend of mythology-jumping for the actor; in addition to his Marvel role this summer, he’ll also appear in Warners’ Tarzan in 2016. 

Knights of the Round Table, written by Joby Harold and produced by Harold, Ritchie, Akiva Goldsman, Lionel Wigram and Tory Tunnell, is scheduled for release on July 22, 2016.

Niija Kuykendall and Cate Adams are overseeing for the studio.

Borys Kit contributed to this report.

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