'Doctor Strange' Director Scott Derrickson Loses Home to California Wildfire

Scott Derrickson - Getty - H 2018
Matthias Nareyek/Getty
Meanwhile, Guillermo del Toro is forced to evacuate his home.

Scott Derrickson, the director of Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange, has lost his home in one of the fast-moving fires burning through California.

The director, who lives in the Thousand Oaks part of the greater Los Angeles area, tweeted the news Friday morning. Residents of Thousand Oaks, Malibu and other parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties are facing the Woolsey Fire.

"We lost our home, but we are all safe and that's the important thing. Gonna be offline for a while," Derrickson tweeted.

Also affected by the fires is The Shape of Water filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The writer-director, who also lives in the Thousand Oaks area, tweeted that he evacuated Thursday night. He wrote that the house that is home to his personal collection of movie and comic memorabilia, known as Bleak House, may be in the fire's path. The collection recently toured museums around North America.

Both filmmakers are safe, with Guillermo del Toro adding, in Spanish, that trinkets lost are not as important as life.

"The trinkets are either lost or replaced," he wrote, translated here from Spanish. "The memories are remembered. What is lost can be spoken of — everything continues as long as one is alive."

On Sunday, del Toro said his home was still standing and seemed to only suffer minor smoke damage.

Roughly 75,000 homes have been ordered to be evacuated in the Woolsey Fire, according to officials.