'Doctor Strange' Honest Trailer Proves It's Just Watching 'Iron Man' on Weed

"Experience the grand illusion that you haven’t seen this movie before."
Courtesy of Marvel

Doctor Strange may have had a familiar plotline, but it also boasted visuals so spectacular that they took the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a whole new level. Or as Honest Trailers puts it, "You ever watch Iron Man on weed?"

The YouTube series points out the many similarities Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) shares with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Says the narrator: "Experience the grand illusion that you haven’t seen this movie before as you sit through the heroic origins of this cocky but capable, super rich, wisecracking workaholic, with a weird goatee, in love with a redheaded subordinate, learning to be less selfish, played by a famous Sherlock Homes actor."

As for Strange's similarities with Stark, Heat Vision asked Doctor Strange screenwriter Jon Spaihts late last year if the Sorcerer Supreme is possibly being groomed to take over Tony's role in the MCU.

"There is a kind of vague parallel between the two of them. These are both rich, successful, brilliant men with a sardonic wit and an eye for the ladies. And they have fairly similar looks," said Spaihts. "Happily, I think the simple reality of having them played by these two very individual and talented actors will serve to differentiate them. As for whether Strange will inherit the mantle of the cocky patriarch of the Avengers, I have no idea. Obviously, no one wants to see Downey stop playing this role."

Watch the Honest Trailer and decide for yourself: