'Doctor Strange': Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme Debuts in New Poster

What's with that window?
Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Doctor is in…a very familiar setting, at least to longtime fans.

The first teaser poster for Marvel's Doctor Strange has been released, showing Benedict Cumberbatch's Sorcerer Supreme standing in front of an iconic comic book window.

While the teaser image feels positively 2013 in its position of the title character, more attention is likely going to be paid to the massive stylized window in front of him, which is carefully modeled after the comic book visuals for the hero's Sanctum Sanctorum headquarters as designed by Doctor Strange co-creator Steve Ditko.

(The studio is apparently excited about the visual; the window also appeared in early concept art released in December last year.)

The poster was revealed on Twitter by director Scott Derrickson on Tuesday morning, ahead of the release later in the day of the first teaser trailer for the movie, due for release Nov. 4.