The Magical Realms of Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Look Strangely Familiar

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, magic looks very much like a Michel Gondry music video from 1999.

The official Twitter account of the upcoming Doctor Strange has started sharing brief glimpses at the special effects on offer in director Scott Derrickson's big-screen version of the Steve Ditko/Stan Lee comic book character, and while the videos are spectacular, they're also a little … familiar, as well.

Sure, much has been made of the Doctor Strange effects looking similar to certain moments in Christopher Nolan's 2010 thriller Inception — understandably so, when you compare this …

…with this…

— but it appears that the roots of Marvel's magic kingdom go even further into the past.

For example, look at the video released this morning, apparently titled "Kailedscope" (sic):

And then take a look at Gondry's video for the Chemical Brothers track "Let Forever Be," from 17 years ago:

The similarity is unmistakable, despite the difference in both technique and budget between the two. We can only hope this means that Benedict Cumberbatch's eponymous Sorcerer Supreme will get heavily into big beat and team up with Noel Gallagher at the movie's climactic moment. Perhaps future Twitter teases will shed some light on that possibility — or at least feature Strange wrestling an ape dentist to the floor.

Doctor Strange will be released Nov. 4.

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