Doctor Strange Diagnoses Roughest 'Civil War' Injuries in New Promo

Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE - Still 5 - Benedict Cumberbatch - H 2016
Courtesy of Marvel/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Revealed: how you treat a broken heart. No, not with magic.

He might not have made an appearance in the movie itself, but that doesn't mean that the events of Captain America: Civil War were ignored by Marvel's next big thing, Doctor Stephen Strange. Indeed, he's ready to give his diagnosis about what happened during the superhero smash-up.

In a fun new promo for next month's Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch's surgeon-turned-sorcerer takes a look at different injuries inflicted during Marvel's other 2016 movie and suggests potential remedies. A villain who gets hit in the head by Captain America's shield is diagnosed with "bodily impact and Vibranium-based trauma," while the Winter Soldier's cuts from the Black Panther's claws earn a scoffing, "It's just a scratch, I mean, come on."

Not everything is so easily dealt with, however; the removal of the Winter Soldier's mechanical arm prompts a Star Trek-referencing, "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic," and Civil War's climactic fight between Captain America and Iron Man earns a sigh, and the diagnosis, "That's a broken heart. I'm afraid there's no medical treatment for that … but maybe a distraction might help!" A distraction like, say, the imminent release of Marvel's new movie …

Watch the new promo below. Doctor Strange will reach theaters Nov. 4.