'Doctor Who' Meets 'Hunger Games' in New Parody (Video)

Can't choose between the 50th anniversary "Doctor Who" or new "Hunger Ganes" movie? A new short mashes together this weekend's two big nerd events.
Brad Hansen/Visual Spice Productions

With both the global simulcast of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode and release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire happening in the next few days, it's far from the greatest surprise to see someone mash the two fan-favorite franchises together, but Brad Hansen's The Doctor Games offers more than just the initial blush of recognition.

Admittedly, the video is more of a Who-lover's dream than an Easter Egg hunt for Hunger Games fans -- it re-creates part of the trailer for Catching Fire and plays off familiar tropes from the YA series while going deeper in Who lore (The celery gag in particular is one lost on most everyone who didn't watch the series during the Fifth Doctor era), but there's enough to enjoy in the video for fans of both franchises.

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Now, if only we could get Katniss to join the Doctor in the TARDIS for an adventure. Surely there's some official crossover novel potential in there somewhere.