'Doctor Who's' Noel Clarke Announces 'The Troop' Comic Series (Video)

The former "Who" companion will co-create and write a new series about super-powered teenagers that will push the envelope of the genre.
Joshua Cassara/Titan Comics

Noel Clarke is someone who’s likely to be familiar to many genre fans, thanks to his tenure on the BBC’s Doctor Who as occasional companion Mickey Smith or appearance in last year’s Star Trek Into Darkness. He’s also a screenwriter and director, with a couple of independent movies under his belt — and, as announced at San Diego Comic-Con, he’ll soon add comic book writer to his resume.

Titan Comics has shared the video of Clarke’s announcement of The Troop, from last weekend’s show, exclusively with THR. In the video, Clarke talks about his love as a teenager of groups of younger characters, but says that “they never really pushed the boundaries, they never really pushed the envelope. And with The Troop, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

The series, described by the publisher as “an edgy soap opera of violence and super-powers,” and will be illustrated by Joshua Cassara. “I’m not pulling any punches, I’m not skirting around issues — we’re really going to tackle things head on, and bring you a new, exciting fresh book,” Clarke promises, calling the series “something really special.”

Some of Cassara’s art from the series’ first issue is below, as well as Clarke’s announcement video. More information about The Troop will be released soon, according to the publisher.