Documentary 'In Search of Tomorrow' to Explore '80s Sci-Fi

In Search of the Tomorrow  Poster -Publicity- H 2020
Courtesy of Dave Merrell
'In Seach of Darkness' filmmaker David Weiner will direct.

A crowdfunded documentary is pulling back the curtain on a time when movies like Blade Runner took place in the future. In Search of Tomorrow will look at the making of such classic '80s sci-fi movies as Back to the Future, Aliens, The Terminator and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, among many others.

In Search of Tomorrow is directed by veteran entertainment journalist David Weiner, who helmed the '80s horror documentary In Search of Darkness. He also is a contributor at THR, where he has written lengthy features on the 1978 animated film The Lord of the Rings and 1979's Star Trek

"In Search of Tomorrow will be a celebration of the imagination, exploring the most creative and eclectic sci-fi movies of the ‘80s, year by year, with the creative icons who helped to capture our collective imaginations," Weiner said in a statement.

The makers of the documentary also are organizing several online events surrounding its making.

“Now, more than ever, genre movie fans and sci-fi thinkers are looking to connect with like-minded people in a positive and supportive environment," added Weiner. "Through Discord, Watch Parties, Q&As and more, our goal is to expand the production process into a community-driven experience allowing exclusive access to the making of In Search of Tomorrow — a welcome diversion that can thrive and even live beyond the film itself.”

You can learn more about the project here.

In Search Of Tomorrow - Kickstarter Video from CreatorVC on Vimeo.