Does a Cereal Tie-In to 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Spoil the Plot? (Video)

A video from the Kellogg's "Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web-Slinging Game" apparently reveals the death of a major character in the Spider-Man mythos.

Not content with offering unsubtle foreshadowing of tragic events awaiting Gwen Stacy or seemingly revealing the double identity of one of its core characters ahead of time, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has now apparently spoiled another important plot point from the movie in its prerelease promotion.

A behind-the-scenes video created as part of Kellogg's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web-Slinging Game promotional tie-in reveals the reason that Harry Osborn re-enters Peter Parker's world in this summer's superhero sequel: He's taking over the family business after the death of his father.

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In narration from Stan Lee, Oscorp Industries is described as "a multibillion-dollar corporation founded by Norman Osborn, recently inherited by his only son, Harry." This is then followed by a scene from the film where a newscaster announces "Norman Osborn has died."

Assuming that this isn't some kind of swerve, it puts Chris Cooper's comments from last year in a new light. Cooper, who plays Norman Osborn in the movie, described the role as "not the beginning of Norman. It is the introduction, but it's not the beginning." Because it's actually … his end?

Of course, this doesn't mean that Norman or Cooper will be missing from future installments. "I'm under the impression that this is going to carry on," the actor said when asked if he'd appear in future installments of the series, saying that his appearance was "apparently … going to lead to other things down the road" that may require greenscreen work. Will Harry be haunted by a ghostly Norman in the future -- or is something else going on concerning the Osborn family?

Watch the video below.