Donald Glover Says His Son Wants to See 'The Lion King' for Beyoncé

Donald Glover - Getty - H 2019
"I'm just saying, Beyoncé has people who haven't even seen television loving her," the actor said about his co-star when visiting ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Tuesday.

Donald Glover revealed that his son is excited to see The Lion King, but not because his father is one of the film's stars. When the actor stopped by ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, he revealed that his son is a fan of the original 1994 animated film.

"My son, he loves The Lion King. He's a big, big fan, and of animals in general," said Glover, who was dressed as a lion for the appearance. "I didn't want to tell him 'cause I'm like, 'Oh, I'm Simba.' This is probably the only time in history this will ever happen where a kid knows a movie and his father is the — So I was like, 'Okay, you know what? I'm not gonna tell him. I'm just gonna play it super cool.'"

He added that his 3-year-old son doesn't watch TV, so he never sees commercials for new movies. "I was like, 'You want to go see The Lion King?' You know, just to see if he might notice my voice," Glover explained. "And he was like, 'Oh, sure. Beyonce's in it, right?' And I was like, 'How do you know that? But also Daddy's in it.' I'm in it, too."

"I'm just saying, Beyonce has people who haven't even seen television loving her," he said. Glover added that he wasn't sure how his son was introduced to her work.

The actor then spoke about his relationship with Beyonce, who stars in the film as Nala, and admitted that he doesn't know her all that well. "Well enough to be like, 'Hi, Beyonce.' And run away," he said. Glover added that he met the singer a few years ago at a Jay-Z concert and said "she was really sweet."

He also spoke about covering Elton John songs for The Lion King and revealed that he told the iconic singer that he was covering his songs in the film. "He was really nice and really sweet to us and I was like, 'Hey, I'm gonna be Simba,' and I think he was like, 'Oh, this guy's crazy,'" Glover recalled. "He didn't know really what I was talking about."

While he got to perform a number of songs for the film, Glover also recorded a duet with Beyonce. After he joked that he requested to not be in the same room as her while recording, he explained that they recorded their parts separately because he was in London filming Solo: A Star Wars Story at the time.

Kimmel said that he imagined the recording process was less intimidating without the presence of Beyonce. "I imagine it's less intimidating playing basketball with Michael Jordan if you're at home just throwing a piece of paper in the trash," Glover responded.

Earlier in the appearance, Glover spoke about whether he was really done performing as Childish Gambino. The performer announced on Twitter in January 2018 that he was retiring his music alter ego.

"I think I'm gonna still do shows. I'm not quite sure," Glover said before he explained that he was about to head to Australia to perform shows that he had to reschedule after breaking his foot. "I love music. I really love making music."

He added that he didn't plan to perform any songs from The Lion King during his upcoming shows. "I think Disney has a pretty tight leash on those songs," Glover said. "I'd have to be accompanied by [Disney chief] Bob Iger."

In addition to being an actor and musician, Glover has also written for TV shows including 30 Rock and Atlanta, the latter of which he created.

Glover was hired to work on 30 Rock when he was a college student. "I was about to graduate and I got the job, so I was still an R.A. and I still had to do it over the summer," he explained.

Glover added that writing for a television show earned him more money than what his friends were making. "You don't spend it well. You're too young," he said. Glover then admitted that he spent his 30 Rock money on Fruit Gushers. "I wasn't allowed to have candy as a kid, so I was like, 'I'm ballin,'" he said.

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