Donald Trump's Tweets Are Turned Into Cartoon Fodder in 'Sh*t My President Says'

The August hardcover comes from 'New Yorker' and 'Onion' cartoonist Shannon Wheeler.
Shannon Wheeler/Top Shelf Comix

This summer, the wit and wisdom of the president of the United States will go from digital to analog, as Donald J. Trump's tweets find a permanent record in Sh*t My President Says, a new collection from New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler.

The 120-page hardcover collection, to be publisher through IDW's Top Shelf imprint, sees Wheeler — whose work also has appeared in MAD Magazine and The Onion — illustrate real-life tweets by the current POTUS, bringing a humorous alternate take than what was originally intended.

The publisher's solicitation for the book gives you an idea of what to expect: "Some people are saying, I don’t know, you tell me, but a lot of people are saying this is the greatest book of the year. This guy, Shannon Wheeler, he draws these cartoons for the New Yorker, MAD, the Onion — he’s very, very, good, okay? Now he's illustrated the most incredible tweets. Wow! You won't believe what he does with these tweets. I mean, these tweets changed the world, folks. It's true! It's very true. EVERYONE is going to want this book — even the haters and losers (Sad!)."

Wheeler is also known for his critically acclaimed re-interpretations of the Bible with Mark Russell, God is Disappointed In You and Apocrypha Now.

Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump will be released in August.