'Doom Eternal' Brings Blood-Splattered Gameplay to E3

Doom Eternal-Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Bethesda
Bethesda revealed a November release date and showed off footage from the first-person shooter on Sunday at the Shrine Auditorium.

Go (back) to hell!

Bethesda and id Software on Sunday brought the carnage to E3, debuting gameplay footage for their latest entry in the hellbound first-person shooter Doom franchise, Doom Eternal. It also has a release date: Nov. 22.

Bethesda made Doom Eternal the centerpiece of its press conference, showing off the title on their new streaming technology, Orion, debuting a new trailer for the game and exhibiting gameplay for the crowd gathered at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Those in the theater had a chance to play the game after the showcase.

The studio first teased the game at last year's E3 press conference, signaling a return of the series' main protagonist, affectionately known by fans of the franchise as "Doom Guy."

Doom Eternal serves as a direct sequel to the 2016 series reboot. That entry, titled simply Doom, was well received both critically and commercially, garnering multiple game of the year nominations and selling over 2 million copies on PC alone.