Dracula Graphic Novel 'Dragon' in the Works With Crowdfunding Campaign

The project, headed up by Marvel writer Saladin Ahmed, launches on Kickstarter today.
Dave Acosta
The project, headed up by Marvel writer Saladin Ahmed, launches on Kickstarter today.

The Prince of Darkness rises again in a new comic book project from award-winning writer Saladin Ahmed and illustrator Dave Acosta, taking the monster back to his roots and beyond. Forget about vampire bats; this Dracula story is titled, simply, Dragon.

Dragon is the Dracula story I've always wanted to tell, full of all the stuff that matters to me — terrifying monsters, vivid history, and battered heroes from very different worlds coming together to face great evil,” Ahmed (Black Bolt, Miles Morales: Spider-Man) said in a statement about the hardcover graphic novel, launching today via a Kickstarter campaign.

The oversized book, available exclusively to crowdfunders, is set at the beginnings of the Ottoman Empire, and follows two characters — Adil, a Muslim warrior of old, and Marjorie, a Christian nun, who find themselves forced to overcome bigotry and fear to work together to hunt the most fearsome threat of all: Vlad the Impaler, the horror that would become known as Dracula.

Joining Ahmed on the project are Acosta (Doc Savage, The Shadow, Vampirella), alongside colorist Chris O’Halloran and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Acosta’s designs for the project, alongside cover artwork, accompany this post.

"For years, fans have been asking when I would launch an original story on kickstarter, and I've finally taken the plunge!” Ahmed continued, calling Dragon “a story that screams to be rendered as a beautiful physical object, and Kickstarter is the perfect way to get that object directly into readers' hands." 

The Kickstarter campaign runs through August 6. More information can be found here.