DreamWorks in Talks to Pick Up 'Need for Speed'

The racing project is based on the Electronic Arts video game.

Asserting itself as a buyer once more, DreamWorks is in negotiations to pick up Need for Speed, the racing project based on the Electronic Arts video game.

The project hit the town last week in a UTA-repped package that saw brothers John and George Gatins develop the story with George writing the script. John Gatins is producing with EA.

Last week also saw DreamWorks secure a new round of funding. While the deal is not closed, the infusion of funds revs up the company that had been ion limbo for several months.

Speed is billed as the most successful video game franchise in the world. The latest incarnations feature a cross-country race.

Car racing movies have mostly been the domain of Universal, which has nurtured its Fast and Furious franchise since 2001. If DreamWorks’ deal for Speed goes through, it will mean another contender on the raceway.