'Dredd: The Musical' Takes Up the Cause of Future Cop Sequel

What if Karl Urban were to sing his pleas for a follow-up to the cult 2012 movie?

Fans have been asking for a sequel to Lionsgate’s Dredd for some time, with Rebellion — publishers of 2000AD, the comic in which Judge Dredd first appeared — even throwing its support behind an online petition demanding a sequel’s production. Now, the campaign for Dredd 2 has reached desperate new heights: A musical plea to producers.

Even more fun than the idea of a fictional Karl Urban begging for the chance to play Mega-City One’s toughest lawman one more time (because, he explains, “there are follow-ups for Iron Man, Thor, so why not me?”) is the impressive impression of Urban, less singing than grunting in his best brusque Dredd voice as the music swells behind him. Previous movie Dredd Sylvester Stallone also makes an appearance, throwing his weight behind Urban’s return in the role.

Dredd: The Musical is the work of Jon and Al Kaplan, two composers who have made a number of parody videos themed around movies, including A Song for Egon (The Egon in question being Mr. Spengler from Ghostbusters), Die Hard: The Musical and Jaws, Rescored by Hans Zimmer.

In case this somehow doesn’t convince the powers-that-be that Dredd deserves a sequel, fans of the movie can still get a taste of new stories featuring the movie version of the character in Dredd: Uprise, a new two-issue comic book follow-up to the movie by Arthur Wyatt and Paul Davidson, launching in comic book stores Oct. 29.