'Dredd' Producer Explains What It Will Take to Get a Sequel (Video)

Be warned: The answer involves money … and Dwayne Johnson.

Since its release in 2012, fans have been asking one simple question over and over again: What do they have to do to get a sequel to British comic book adaptation Dredd? Producer Adi Shankar has taken to YouTube to answer it — and also give a quick lesson in international financing, as well.

"In the era of newsbites, to answer that question [of a potential Dredd follow-up] is literally standing up in public and begging … praying that you get misquoted," Shankar says in the six-minute video he created to answer it. His solution? As he puts it, "The guy who dresses up like the Crow is going to give you a lesson in film finance." (Yes, Shankar is wearing makeup inspired by The Crow, because, really, why wouldn't you if making a video like this?)

As Shankar explains it, what would make Dredd 2 happen would be managing to make the prospect attractive to potential financiers, which means it would need international appeal. "Maybe we pair Karl Urban with another movie star who boosts the value of the film," he suggests. "Maybe we get The Rock [Dwayne Johnson] in and save f—ing the franchise, because The Rock f—ing saves everybody's franchise."

Dredd fans, now you know who to address your next online petition to. After all, it's not like Johnson has anything else to do, besides the Fast and Furious franchise and nascent Shazam franchise, right…?

Watch Shankar's video below, but be warned: the language makes it NSFW.

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