Duncan Jones' 'Mute' to Begin Filming Next Week

The director confirms it is "related" to his debut feature 'Moon.'
Getty Images

Director Duncan Jones is set to film his next project, which is described as a sci-fi Casablanca.

Jones tweeted early Wednesday that Mute, set in Berlin 40 years in the future, will begin filming next week. Jones worked for more than 12 years to get the project off the ground and said over the years that it will be connected to his 2009 debut feature Moon. On Wednesday, Jones confirmed that was still the case, telling a Twitter user Mute was related to Moon," which starred Sam Rockwell as a man living and working alone on the Moon.

Mute stars Alexander Skarsgard as a mute bartender who goes on a journey into the underbelly of the city and encounters a pair of American surgeons, one of which is played by Paul Rudd. Jones penned the script alongside Mike Johnson.

Jones has previously said Rockwell would have a small part on the film, which will be the second in a trilogy that began with Moon, one of the most well-reguarded sci-fi films of the millennium so far. Jones' previously film, Warcraft, was released this summer, with his Source Code hitting theaters in 2011.