Dynamite, Dark Horse Announce 'The Shadow vs. Grendel'

Publishers to team-up for a mini-series bringing together the classic pulp hero and critically-acclaimed independent character from the 1980s.
Matt Wagner/Dynamite Entertainment/Dark Horse Comics

Matt Wagner is returning to his critically-acclaimed Grendel series for the first time in five years -- a brief appearance in 2011's CBLDF Annual aside -- for a brand new series in which the criminal overlord and occasional assassin comes face to face with the man who knows what evil lurks in hearts of men.

"I've been a huge fan of The Shadow for many, many years and my love of the character finally saw fruition when I got the chance to literally re-define his origins by writing The Shadow: Year One," Wagner said about the newly-announced The Shadow Vs. Grendel, going on to say that "to have the chance to both write and draw The Shadow facing my own creation is something of a dream come true."

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"I've known and been a fan of Matt's since Grendel first appeared in the early ‘80's," said Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci. "When the idea for a Grendel / Shadow cross-over was suggested, and Matt stated that he would write it and illustrate the series in a Prestige format, let's just say that you can't quantify the excitement in our offices."

The three-issue series -- which will be released in "prestige format" with each issue running 48 story pages in length -- will be co-published by Shadow publisher Dynamite Entertainment and Grendel publisher Dark Horse Comics next year, and is described by the publishers as "the first in a series" of crossovers between the companies. If this means there's more possibility of Hellboy/The Bionic Man in the future, I'm in favor (Come on: You know you'd read it).