Dynamite and Roberson Put a New Shine on 'Doc Savage'

Doc Savage Cover Cover - P 2013
<p>Doc Savage Cover Cover - P 2013</p>   |   Alex Ross/Dynamite Entertainment
"The Man of Bronze" will make a return to comic books this holiday season with a new monthly series written by Chris Roberson.

You can't keep a good man down -- especially not when he's a Man of Bronze, apparently. Ahead of a planned movie revival, Doc Savage, the pulp hero who first appeared five years before Superman and is said to have been an inspiration for the character, is set to make a comic book comeback this December, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment.

The new monthly comic series will be written by Chris Roberson -- whose experience includes stints writing Superman, The Shadow and Star Trek, among many others -- and artist Bilquis Evely. "I have been absolutely obsessed with the character for some three decades now, and to say that I jumped at the chance to write a new Doc adventure would be underselling it," Roberson told Comic Book Resources. "I didn't jump, I stalked the opportunity and pounced."

Savage initially appeared in the pages of The Doc Savage Magazine -- which ran from 1933 through 1949 -- whose stories were written, for the most part, by Lester Dent. They were reprinted by Bantam Books in a series of monthly novels published between 1964 and 1990. In addition, he's also popped up in movies, radio series, comic books and most recently in a series from DC Comics.

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The character himself (real name: Clark Savage Jr.) was an impossibly talented figure: Physician, surgeon, inventor, all-round scientist and talented musician. He had trained himself to almost superhuman perfection with the simple aim of doing good for those around him, with the assistance of a team of companions.

"Doc Savage is really the wellspring from which so much of popular culture has sprung," Roberson said, explaining the character's draw. "You can see elements of him in Superman, Batman, and the Fantastic Four, but he also arguably was a big influence on characters like Indiana Jones and James Bond. I think one of the most appealing aspects of Doc Savage is that, in him, we get to see those kinds of adventure hero elements in their original form, stripped down and lean, without encumbering mythologies and continuities."

Doc Savage will launch in December.