Dynamite's 'Spirit' Revival Adds Artists for July Launch (Exclusive)

The Spirit Art - H 2015
<p>The Spirit Art - H 2015</p>   |   Dan Schkade/Dynamite Entertainment
Alex Ross, John Cassaday and Eric Powell will provide covers for the revival of Will Eisner's classic hero.

Dynamite Entertainment's plans to revive Will Eisner's iconic crime fighter The Spirit are picking up speed, with artists Eric Powell and Dan Schkade joining writer Matt Wagner on the new comic book series, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned.

Schkade and color artist Brennan Wagner will be responsible for the interior art on the monthly series, with Powell — best known for creating The Goon, as well as work on DC Entertainment's Action Comics and the comic book spinoff of Big Trouble in Little China — providing covers for the series.

Although he'll be providing covers for every issue of the series, Powell won't be the only cover artist working on The Spirit; the first issue also will feature alternate covers from Alex Ross and John Cassaday (who is working on Marvel Entertainment's best-selling Star Wars series), as well as writer Matt Wagner himself.

The initial storyline for Dynamite's Spirit series will see long-standing supporting characters Commissioner Dolan, his daughter Ellen and perennial sidekicks Ebony White and Sammy investigating the long-term disappearance of the Spirit, who's been missing (presumed dead) for two years. Is one of his Central City's many criminal masterminds — or the Spirit's almost-as-numerous femme fatale love interests — to blame?

The original Spirit strip ran from 1940 through 1952 in a newspaper feature distributed by the Register and Tribune Syndicate. In addition to Eisner, who'd go on to create A Contract With God, cited by many as the first "graphic novel," the series also featured work by cartoonists Wally Wood and Jules Feiffer. Following the end of its newspaper run, the character has appeared in comics published by Kitchen Sink Press and DC Entertainment, in addition to being adapted into a 2008 movie directed by Frank Miller.

Dynamite's new The Spirit series will launch in July. Below, enjoy covers for the first issue by Powell, Wagner, Ross and Cassaday, as well as two pages of interior art by Schkade.