Nintendo Scares Up Gameplay Footage for 'Luigi's Mansion 3'

The cowardly Italian plumber is back in ghostbusting action.
Courtesy of Nintendo
The cowardly Italian plumber is back in ghostbusting action.

Things got spooky during Nintendo's E3 Direct on Tuesday morning where the Japanese gaming company debuted Luigi's Mansion 3.

A follow-up to 2013's Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (which has sold over 6 million copies), the new title pits the cowardly Italian plumber against a bevy of aggressive spirits in an art-deco, Tower of Terror-esque hotel. As in previous entries in the series, Luigi is tasked with ghostbusting various phantasms using his Poltergust machine, a supernatural vacuum cleaner of sorts.

New to Luigi's Mansion 3 is the Poltergust G-00, the latest version of the tool that offers Luigi a number of new gameplay techniques such as slam, suction shot and a burst for multiple enemies. Also available is the Gooigi form, a squishy plasma version of the Italian hero who can go through walls and walk over spikes — but keep him away from water. 

As Luigi continues on his frightening adventure, he will open up new areas and floors of the hotel. Each floor of the haunted hotel is themed to a different aesthetic, such as Medieval setting.

While the game has a core single-player narrative, it also will feature ScareScraper mode, an up to four-player co-op gameplay mode that can be played locally or through online play. In ScareScaper, players will work together to clear randomly generated floors of various ghosts and work their way up the hotel.

Luigi's Mansion 3 will launch on the Nintendo Switch later this year.