E3: We Are Initiative Highlights Emerging Female Voices in Video Games

The We Are booth will include game demos and performance workshops in addition to career panels featuring prominent figures in the gaming industry.
Courtesy of ESA Foundation

The We Are initiative, a program which highlights emerging voices in the video game industry, particularly women, will return to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for the third consecutive year.

Backed by Red Bull and the ESA Foundation, the We Are booth at this year's convention will include performance workshops for casual or competitive gamers; live coaching from the XO Academy; demos of video games created by diverse creative teams; such as Super Crush KO, AstrologasterBlack Room and Plasticity; a photo booth and inspiration wall; a VR experience and a networking lounge area.

"We Are is a wonderful way to give voice to women and those who have been underrepresented," says Anastasia Staten, executive director of the ESA Foundation. "We Are sends the message that everyone is welcome in the video game industry, whether it’s young people launching a career, industry heroes, rising esport athletes or people who simply enjoy video games."

Panel topics will cover how to navigate a career in games, professional sponsorship, creating local video game communities, indie game development and more. Guests on the panel include gaming personalities, producers, designers, programmers and actors, among them Funomena co-founder Robin Hunicke and Double Fine vp Caryl Shaw. 

"The ESA Foundation has been absolutely inspired by the stories of these people who have diverse backgrounds and come from all over the country," says Staten. "Their participation enhances the development of video games and creates a more dynamic, inclusive community that will continue to do so in decades to come."

E3 is set to run Tuesday through June 13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.