'Wolfenstein: Youngblood' Introduces First Female Protagonists to Shooter Series

B.J. Blazkowicz's twin daughters go Nazi hunting in 1980s Paris in the new alt-history shooter.
Courtesy of Bethesd
B.J. Blazkowicz's twin daughters go Nazi hunting in 1980s Paris in the new alt-history shooter.

Wolfenstein, one of the oldest franchises in gaming, has broken new ground.

During its pre-E3 press conference Sunday evening in Los Angeles, Bethesda pulled back the curtain on the latest installment in the first-person shooter franchise Wolfenstein: Youngblood. A follow-up to 2017's Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Youngblood puts players in control of one of two main playable characters, Jess and Sophia, the daughters of main series protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz.

The game — a direct sequel set in the 1980s, 20 years after the events of New Colossus — features cooperative play between the two sisters as they square off against Nazis and travel to Paris to locate their missing father. 

Bethesda promised that Youngblood will be the "biggest" Wolfenstein title in the franchise, with "even more Nazis to kill" than previous entries.

The Wolfenstein series originally debuted in 1981's Castle Wolfenstein which saw players facing off against Nazi soldiers. Nearly 40 years later, and the franchise has upped the visuals, gameplay and bloodshed significantly. The 2017 title, which takes place in an alternate timeline in which Nazi Germany has taken over America, sparked a wave of backlash from some for its latest marketing campaign slogan, "Make America Nazi-Free Again" — a play on President Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan from his 2016 presidential run.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 26

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