E3: Nintendo Reveals 'Metroid 4' Plans and New 'Mario' Trailer

Super Mario Odyssey - Screenshot - H 2017
The Japanese company showcased a number of upcoming titles for its Switch console.

Nintendo, the last of the "big three" video game giants to hold its E3 press conference after Microsoft on Saturday and Sony on Monday, introduced an impressive roster of upcoming games for its latest Switch console Tuesday morning.

Assuaging many fans' speculative anxiety, Nintendo dropped a big shell when it announced that Metroid 4, the long-gestating next entry in the fan-favorite Metroid series, was in development. The announcement was in name only, however, as no release date, screenshots or gameplay were showcased for the upcoming title. The series allows players to take control of female intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, who made history in 1986 as the first female playable protagonist in a mainstream video game.

Following the trend of recognizable titles, of which Nintendo has an impressive list, were announcements for upcoming Yoshi and Kirby titles that would hit shelves in 2018. The Yoshi trailer showcased a charming cardboard, arts-and-crafts style art design as Mario's dino pal worked his way through 2D and 3D platforming.

Meanwhile, the Kirby trailer showed off the squishy pink hero's "insatiable appetite" as he sucked up enemies to gain their abilities, but also teased new gameplay features in which the titular hero could "befriend" others, as well.

The biggest reveal, however, was the return of arguably the biggest name in gaming: Mario. Everyone's favorite Italian plumber is back in Super Mario Odyssey. The trailer opens with a much more intimidating beast from the Cretaceous period than seen in the Yoshi teaser as a Tyrannosaurus stomps its way across a grassy field and roars triumphantly — only to then reveal a familiar red hat resting upon his head. Enter Mario! Gameplay exhibited is familiar to fans of the long-running series, with familiar jumping, smashing, coin-grabbing and leveling up. The major difference in the upcoming title is the introduction of the hat mechanic, which allows players to toss their cap onto different objects and characters to enable a variety of abilities and powers. The game will be released on the Switch on Oct. 27.