E3: What It's Like Playing Ubisoft's Massive Roster of New Games

'Assassin's Creed: Origins,' 'South Park' and 'Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle' are just a few of the titles on display for those willing to brave the massive lines.
Courtesy of Ubisoft

Gaming studio Ubisoft had a lot to show off at this year's E3.

With sequels announced for a number of their biggest franchises, including Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, the line for fans to get their hands on the new titles snaked a good way around the massive display baring the French video game publisher's new logo.

Inside, players were welcomed to Hope County, Montana in Far Cry 5 where they faced off against the villainous religious cult, the Project at Eden's Gate. The demo shown had players fighting the murderous cultists along with one of three companions before taking to the air in a biplane to wreak havoc from above. It also featured fishing, if the joys of gunning down zealots didn't appeal to some.

Across the hall, Assassin's Creed: Origins took the franchise to ancient Egypt. Taking control of master assassin Bayek, the player underwent a short quest to obtain a number of religious relics from a nearby ship to procure the safety of a wrongly accused apprentice. Given the option between stealth and full-out sword-hacking bullishness, users were able to climb, dive and soar with their eagle companion as they completed the quest. The next half of the demo threw Bayek into a gladiator's pit to duke it out with the imposing menace known as The Slaver.

For those looking for a bit more humor, Ubisoft also offered a short demo of the upcoming South Park RPG sequel, The Fractured But Whole. As the "new kid," the demo had users teaming up with "Captain Diabetes," the lisping Scott Malkinson character from the Comedy Central series, as they searched for a lead on their current quest — in a strip club, naturally. The objective, other than aiming farts at dancers and familiar leering citizens of South Park, was to track down information from Classi, an exotic dancer with a very particular tattoo. A follow-up to 2014's The Stick of Truth, the game featured updated battle mechanics and the classic humor and animation style of the series. 

"[South Park creators] Matt [Parker] and Trey [Stone] were heavily involved from day one," game director Jason Schroeder told Heat Vision. "Basically, we built a process between our studios where we're all one team. They make content just like they do for the show and we ingest that and put it into the game."

Three games would've been a big showing for any studio, but Ubisoft had even more to showcase with The Crew 2 (an open-world racing game), Skull & Bones (a multiplayer pirate battler that pits teams of captained ships in high sea contests) and the recently announced collaboration with Nintendo on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The latter title is an mashup of the massively popular Mario series with Ubisoft's own mentally unstable rabbit characters. The gameplay was a unique mixture of turn-based battle and classic Nintendo platforming, with plenty of adorable, deranged bunnies bounding about.

Finally, Ubisoft offered a hands-on experience with their upcoming VR shooter Space Junkies. The demo featured a mulitplayer bout in zero gravity in which players moved about in 360 degrees of playable area. Guns were fired by pulling a trigger, but needed to be "held" with another. The intuitive controls also let players grasp the handle of a laser sword and live out their Jedi fantasies. The title is set to be released next spring.

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