Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips to Launch Graphic Novel Series 'Reckless' (Exclusive)

Reckless Announcement - Image Comics - Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of Sean Phillips/Image Comics
The private eye series will be released by Image Comics starting in December.

Fresh from last month’s release of Pulp, their 1930s-set graphic novel from Image Comics, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are ready to unveil what might be their most ambitious collaboration to date: a series of three graphic novels to be released across the next year, starting with December’s Reckless — and The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek at what to expect.

Set in 1980s Los Angeles, Reckless centers on a private eye called Ethan Reckless who’ll take care of problems … for a price. But his latest case hits too close to home, when a familiar face from his own days as a student radical comes calling for help.

The format of the series beginning with Reckless may be an unfamiliar one for North American comics readers, with each installment being released as a full-length hardcover graphic novel; Reckless will run 144 pages.

Reckless comes from my love of pulp heroes and private eyes," Brubaker said in a statement. "When I'm craving escapism, I pick up a Jack Reacher book... or a Lew Archer, or a Claire DeWitt, or a Travis McGee, or an Easy Rawlings, or a Parker... and I get taken away by these characters and their worlds. I wanted to bring that feeling over to comics, with a series of graphic novels that each tell a complete story, a thriller or mystery... and also, for as long as Sean and I have been working together, we've almost never focused on a hero. So Reckless is a big left turn for us, but it's still our version of a ‘hero’ — so sometimes more of an anti-hero, probably."

Reckless will be released by Image Comics digitally and in comic book stores Dec. 16, and in bookstores Dec. 22. The second volume in the series is targeted for an April 2021 release.