Edgar Wright Shares a 'Little Something' Called 'Ant-Man'

Director Wright shares a glimpse at the hero of Marvel's "Ant-Man" on Twitter.

With The World's End out of the way, director Edgar Wright has returned to America -- and, it seems, returned to teasing Marvel Studios' Ant-Man as well, with what may be our first glimpse at the titular character from the 2015 movie.

On Twitter today, Wright posted this:

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Of course, he doesn't come right out and say that's Ant-Man in the picture, but look at that helmet -- it definitely looks like the classic Hank Pym Ant-Man helmet, doesn't it?

It would make sense for Wright to get down to work on Ant-Man around now, especially with the movie's recent change in release date to summer 2015 from the fall of that year. Now, if only we could find out just who was playing the title role in the movie…