'Edge of Tomorrow': Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Explain What to Expect (Video)

The stars of Doug Liman's adaptation of time-travel story "All You Need Is Kill" lay out what audiences should expect from the movie ahead of its June 6 release.
Warner Bros.

Seemingly lacking the blanket pre-release publicity of Godzilla or X-Men: Days of Future Past, you may still be wondering what the new science fiction movie Edge of Tomorrow is all about, beyond a short (but not inaccurate) Groundhog Day-meets-War of the Worlds description. Don’t worry; stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are here to educate you with a new 13-minute video explaining what to expect.

“What would it be like to live the same day over and over again?” Cruise asked of the situation his character, Cage, has to deal with when he becomes stuck in time during an alien invasion. “I wanted the deaths, at first, to be terrifying for an audience, and then get to the point where it becomes humorous.”

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“For me, the heart of this film is determination, and the perseverance of the human spirit,” Blunt said, but she admits that there’s also an appeal “to not play the doe-eyed damsel in distress” this time around; instead, her character is the more capable of the leads (at least, to begin with). “I think there was nothing more joyous for me that [Cruise is] playing a character who was so useless at what [he] was doing,” she joked.

“What this movie is about is unique characters in extraordinary circumstances,” Cruise summarizes. “It is science fiction, but it’s just a big adventure.” Albeit one with, you know, time travel and aliens.

Directed by Doug Liman and based on the novel All You Need Is Kill, Edge of Tomorrow is released June 6. Watch the extended featurette below.