'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer: Like 'Groundhog Day' With Aliens and Pain

The new trailer for Doug Liman's time-loop thriller shows Tom Cruise dying to explain his situation to Emily Blunt.

For Bill Murray, being cursed to relive the same day over and over again meant a seeming eternity of waking up to Sonny and Cher. For Tom Cruise, it’s a little more dangerous, as the new trailer for Edge of Tomorrow demonstrates.

Adapted from Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 novel All You Need is Kill, Edge of Tomorrow sees Cruise’s Bill Cage trapped in a time loop during the middle of a war between humanity and an alien race known as the Mimics, with the loop allowing him to go from a rookie to the most accomplished soldier on Earth. Admittedly, saving humanity may be no “romancing Andie McDowell,” but it’s better than nothing.

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(And Emily Blunt gets to provide a love interest — not to mention trainer and mentor figure — for Cruise, in case you really need such a thing in a hard SF war movie.)

Directed by Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow is released June 6.