Edward Norton Zings Marvel a Few Times During Bruce Willis Roast

"I did a big action movie called 'The Incredible Hulk.' You know what went wrong? I wanted a better script," the actor quipped.

Edward Norton did not release the Hulk when The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis aired Sunday night, but the onetime Bruce Banner actor did zing Marvel. 

During his bit — arguably the best of the evening — the Oscar-nominated Norton worked in a few shots at Marvel while taking swings at Willis. 

Much like the others who were there to bust the chops of the man of the hour, Norton joked about Willis having what he called a care-free attitude about working in Hollywood. 

While Norton acknowledged the industry stories that he was difficult to work with, he said it was because he cared about his craft. Enter the Marvel shots. 

"I tried to be like you," Norton began. "I did a big action movie called The Incredible Hulk. You know what went wrong? I wanted a better script." 

Norton then took another shot.

"I thought we should try to make one Marvel movie that was as good as the worst Chris Nolan movie, but what the hell was I thinking," Norton quipped. 

The camera cut to a laughing Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who appeared in The Dark Knight Rises. 

Norton got as good as he gave, with a few of the other roasters giving him a hard time for not returning to the Marvel saga, being replaced by Mark Ruffalo.