'Elephantmen,' 'Ask for Mercy' Getting Second Seasons on ComiXology (Exclusive)

ASM_Ask For Budgie_COVER and Elephantmen TPJ.1.co.COVER-Publicity-Split-H 2019
Abigail Jill Harding/Boo Cook/ComiXology
Both comics, produced by Richard Starkings' Comicraft, launch this month.

Two of the titles that launched ComiXology Originals, the original content program from Amazon’s digital comics service, are returning for second seasons. Heat Vision can exclusively reveal that both Elephantmen and Ask for Mercy will launch brand-new series this month.

First up is Elephantmen 2261: The Pentalion Job, which debuts its first issue Wednesday. Written by Richard Starkings with art by Axel Medellin and covers from Boo Cook, the series expands upon Starkings’ long-running science fiction series featuring human/animal hybrids with a new four-issue series in which an ex-con is tempted into a heist to steal three robotic exo-suits as they’re en route to a new museum exhibition. The final issue of the new series will be the 100th issue of Elephantmen comics — the series originally launched through Image Comics in 2006 — and will feature Medellin’s 1000th page of artwork for the series.

Publishing through his studio Comicraft, Starkings is also responsible for the second title to launch a second season: Ask for Mercy is returning with the Ask for Mercy Season Two: Ask for Budgie special issue, written by Starkings with art from Abigail Jill Harding. The one-off issue, in which Budgie seeks out his own origins, will lead into the five-part Ask for Mercy Season Two: The Center of Everything That Is miniseries later this summer.

Ask for Mercy wasn’t just Comicraft's first title for ComiXology Originals, it was the first comic book series for my young collaborator, Abigail Jill Harding,” Starkings said in a statement about the new launches. “Her artwork went from strength to strength and, now that we’ve completed season one, we can’t wait for readers to see what we’re putting our band of monsters through in season two, set in North America in 1876! Demon Buffaloes! Spider-tricksters and the U.S. Cavalry!”

To accompany the new launches, ComiXology is also releasing Elephantmen 2261 Season One: The Death of Shorty — a collection of the five-issue series that acted as “season one” of the title for ComiXology as a print-on-demand title through Amazon.com and digitally, with members of Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited and ComiXology Unlimited able to read the title for free. Nonmembers will be able to purchase it through ComiXology and Kindle.

"I've known Richard for years and am a huge fan of his work across the comics industry,” Chip Mosher, ComiXology’s head of content, added when talking about Starkings’ contributions. “Richard's excitement and passion since we launched ComiXology Originals with both Elephantmen 2261 and Ask for Mercy was integral to the launch and success of ComiXology Originals. It's great to have Comicraft back for more!"

Elephantmen 2261: The Pentalion Job No. 1 is available now, and a preview can be seen below. Ask for Mercy Season Two: Ask for Budgie will be available May 8.