Ellen DeGeneres Parodies 'A Quiet Place' With Faux Deleted Scenes

"It could've been a bigger hit," the talk show host said of the successful horror film. "I was originally in it, and, once again, I was cut out of it."

On Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host joked that she had a role in horror hit A Quiet Place, adding that the successful film could have made even more money at the box office if her scenes weren't cut.

“I wasn’t gonna bring this up because I’m happy for John [Krasinski] and Emily [Blunt]. They’re friends of mine and it’s a big hit, and I’m happy for them,” said DeGeneres. “It could’ve been a bigger hit. I was originally in it, and, once again, I was cut out of it.”

The host then shared faux deleted footage that didn’t make it into the film, splicing clips of her making loud noises with scenes from the film. DeGeneres is first spotted sitting at the kitchen table with the Abbott family. As the family communicates using American Sign Language, DeGeneres is seen using hand gestures. She whispers, “I’m on a cleanse,” and puts a blender on the table. Evelyn (Blunt) and Regan (Millicent Simmonds) give her terrified looks before she turns the blender on. After hearing loud bangs on the family’s house, DeGeneres shrugs and continues to make her smoothie.

The next scene shows Lee (Krasinski) and Regan crossing a bridge. DeGeneres calls out, “Hey! I got stuff to keep us safe.” She then reveals that she is holding a flare gun. Lee runs after DeGeneres as she sets off the gun and states, “They’ll find us.” The terrified family stares in shock as DeGeneres continues to make noise. “I also have my bear horn and my air horn,” she says. She then tells Krasinski’s character to “not run so loud.”

After a monster attacks Lee, DeGeneres states, “He should have been quieter.” She then reveals cymbals and begins to sing before marching out of frame.