Elon Musk's New Invention: Playing With Your Computer Like Iron Man

Elon Musk - P - 2013
The SpaceX founder demonstrates a new way to interact with your computer -- as previously seen in the hands (literally) of Marvel's Tony Stark.

While some may suspect that Elon Musk is just a super villain waiting to happen -- I'm looking at you, Bernardin -- it appears that the PayPal and SpaceX founder has more positive role models in mind than Doctor Doom, or even Lex Luthor. In fact, he may even be taking the Tony Stark comparison more literally than most would believe…

In a new video, Musk shows off his new way of interacting with his computer a la Stark's gesture controls from the Iron Man movies. In fact, he even specifically references the Iron Man inspiration at one point.

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Knowing that Musk is taking pointers from Iron Man and involved in the design and creation of new rocket propulsion systems, as well as just being seemingly eager to investigate new technologies and ideas that seem more out there than most, it's clear that he's simply trying to turn himself into the real life equivalent of Iron Man or Batman: a rich guy with ridiculous toys who uses his wealth and gimmicks for the betterment of others.

Mr. Musk, I salute you, and ask that you make that gesture-control thing available for everyone as soon as possible,  because anyone who pretends that they haven't secretly wanted to do that with their computer since they saw Tom Cruise do it in Minority Report is obviously lying to themselves and others.