'Elysium' to 'Iron Man 3': This Summer's 4 Weirdest Accents (Video)

From Will Smith's strange futuristic affectation to Ben Kingsley's theatrical turn as The Mandarin, THR takes a look at some of the most interesting accents to hit the big screen this summer.
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Summer films let us explore and escape to imaginative future worlds where people live on space stations, cancer is cured as quickly as taking an X-ray and flying robots protect humankind. But during the summer 2013 season, some films had one distracting addition: odd accents. Apparently in the future, people will speak in a strange amalgamation of British, South African, Australian and French accents. Also this summer, Johnny Depp brought a new sound to Tonto and Ben Kingsley rocked a very unique tone as The Mandarin.

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Here are some of the strangest accents to hit the big screen this summer:

After Earth

Will Smith's character Cypher lives in a futuristic society where Earth had been abandoned and weird accents have been accepted. When Cypher and his son (Jaden Smith) crash-land on Earth, they're forced to figure out how to survive long enough to escape. Described as sort of British, Australian, South African, and mid-Atlantic, the Smiths' impossible-to-place postapocalyptic accent was just one of many things that audiences did not like about the film. The $130 million sci-fi film earned a soft $60 million domestically and $243.6 million worldwide.


Jodie Foster plays the bossy secretary of defense on the man-made luxury world Elysium in Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi film. At times, her character spoke French. At other times, she spoke in a very strange, sort-of-British accent. The performance likely came as a big surprise to many because the trailers for the film didn't feature Foster speaking any dialogue at all.


The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp has played plenty of eccentric characters throughout his career, but when he took on the role of Tonto for Disney's big-budget film, his accent was a bit distracting. With hints of Italian and maybe Russian, Depp's Tonto voice was definitely not what was expected.


Iron Man 3

In Iron Man 3, British actor Ben Kingsley played The Mandarin, a seemingly terrifying villain with an unplaceable accent. His eccentric wardrobe included Asian elements, but his voice was a deep growl with an interesting cadence. Those who saw the movie know that Kingsley's theatrical performance has a huge payoff later in the film.

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