The Empire is Hiring in New 'Star Wars: Commander' Mobile Game

Star Wars Commander - H 2014
<p>Star Wars Commander - H 2014</p>   |   Disney Interactive
The benefits are great, the long-term prospects for career advancement not so much

The Galactic Empire wants you. But, on the upside, so does the Rebellion. As part of Star Wars: Commander, a new mobile game launched by Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm Thursday, players get to choose which side they’re on before becoming part of the ongoing struggles in a "Galaxy Far, Far Away."

The game, which is available for iOS devices, is set between George Lucas’ original two Star Wars movies and follows players from the planet of Tattooine as their careers advance inside whichever group they choose to belong to.

Nathan Etter, executive producer and VP, operations at Disney Interactive says that Commander was “a really fun opportunity for us to bring the strategy format to mobile and combine it with the Star Wars IP.” That’s a view mirrored by Lucasfilm’s Matt Fillbrandt, who tells THR that strategy games are “such a natural fit for the Star Wars universe, with the opportunities to let the player take part in some of the iconic battles they may know from the films, but also create some new stories, and have some new battles that are now going to be part of Star Wars.”

Etter adds that, despite the timeframe of what he referred to as “the initial chapters” of the game, fans should expect to see aspects of other Star Wars movies throughout. “The rebels are pretty scrappy, so they’ve taken pieces that you’ll recognize from the prequels and The Clone Wars [animated series] and you’ll see those make an appearance in the game,” he said. “It has some fun nods to fans for things that’ve happened in earlier stories.”

According to Fillbrandt, it was important that “the characters, the vehicles, the locations, all those elements [felt] authentic” to the movies — especially as Lucasfilm’s new approach to Star Wars canon means that the game “counts” on some level. “It’s possible that characters from this game could live in other areas of the Star Wars universe if we so chose,” he admits, although “any decisions a player makes for themselves, we can’t really validate one over the other” in terms of official canon.

The iOS app is available for free download now.