'En Fläsh' Shows Us Bergman's Fastest Man Alive (Video)

The latest short from "Aquaman: The Teen Drama" filmmaker creates the mash-up you never knew you wanted: DC's The Flash and director Ingmar Bergman.
Patrick Willems

Sure, DC Entertainment’s The Flash may be getting his own television show next fall, but doesn’t the official Fastest Man Alive—at least, the fastest man alive in the DC Universe; Marvel’s Quicksilver might have reason to disagree with his choice of title—deserve his own movie? And shouldn’t that movie be directed by one of cinema’s greatest directors?

Filmmaker Patrick Willems (The man behind the wonderful Aquaman: The Teen Drama from last year) thought so, and so he created a short video titled “What If Ingmar Bergman Directed The Flash?” which debuted on YouTube Thursday.

STORY Aquaman Gets His Own 'Teen Drama' (Video)

The description for the video sets up the concept fairly quickly: “For a movie about the fastest man alive, the obvious choice to direct would be the filmmaker behind such classics as The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, and Scenes From A Marriage.” What it doesn’t do, however, is prepare the viewer for such wonderfully overblown narration as “A flash. A mere blink of an eye. The paroxysms of a hummingbird’s dying heart. That is all that we have,” delivered in melancholic Swedish tones.

Sure, Grant Gustin’s CW’s show will almost certainly be more mainstream, but there’s no denying that the faux-Bergman En Fläsh is fast, funny and smart. Barry Allen would be proud, even if he’d have to speed watch all of the director’s back catalog to ensure that he fully understood the joke.

Watch the video below.