Entire 'Halloween' Franchise Coming to a Boxed Set for First Time

'Halloween' (1978)
<p>Shot for just $300,000, director <strong>John Carpenter</strong>&rsquo;s low-budget slasher classic rewrote the horror rulebook with its roving Steadicam shots, archetype-defining Final Girl heroine and disturbingly familiar setting in contemporary Middle American suburbia. In an inspired homage to Hitchcock&rsquo;s <em>Psycho</em>, Carpenter cast <strong>Janet Leigh</strong>&rsquo;s daughter <strong>Jamie Lee Curtis</strong> in her scream-queen debut as a teenage babysitter stalked by a psychotic family annihilator who escapes to kill again after 16 years behind bars. Despite its slender budget and minimal special effects, this mini-masterpiece of suspense became a hugely profitable hit and spawned a long-running franchise. <em>-- SD</em></p>
Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scream Factory have corralled all the rights from various home entertainment companies under one roof.

It’s never too early to think about Halloween.

At least, that's the belief of Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scream Factory, who today announced they were releasing Halloween: The Complete Collection, a massive Blu-ray set that has been years in the making.

The move is noteworthy because until now, Halloween has never been collected under one roof. Unlike almost all other movie series or franchises, Halloween has suffered from having the rights to its installments owned by several companies over the decades, thus making any DVD or Blu-ray releases possible only in piecemeal fashion.

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Halloween, directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, was first made as an indie horror movie and released in 1978. After it became one of the most profitable movies of all time, Universal took the franchise over for two movies. Then Galaxy International and CBS Video had the theatrical and home video rights for the movies made in the late 1980s.

When Halloween got resurrected in the late 1990s, it was under Disney-owned Dimension/Miramax (and home video was distributed via Buena Vista Home Video, thus making Disney the company releasing the Michael Myers movies). A resurrected Dimension has been releasing the recent Rob Zombie-directed reboot.

Anchor Bay and Scream Factory worked with the rival home entertainment companies to get the movies all under one roof, and the result is a limited edition 15-disc deluxe and 10-disc regular edition for one massive set that will hit shelves Sept. 23.

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The Halloween films include Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection, Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Rob Zombie's Halloween II. 

The deluxe edition comes with a ton of extras, such as the never before released producers' cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, as well as the rare network TV version of the original Halloween, the network TV version of Halloween II (it has some additional scenes and an alternate ending), and the unrated versions of Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II

The first Halloween will also include the original mono track (something die-hard fans have been demanding) and also comes with the recently remastered 35th anniversary version with the mono track added back in. It also includes a 40-page book written by Michael Gingold of Fangoria Magazine. 

The deluxe set will cost $169.99 while the normal set will retail for $129.99.

More bonus features and original packaging artwork will be revealed in the coming months, according to the companies.