'Escape from City 17 - Part 2' Is Finally Here (Video)

After a two year wait, the second part of Half-Life: Escape from City-17 has hit the web.

City-17 is a short film created by the Purchase Brothers, a Canadian duo from Toronto whose names are David and Ian Purchase. They are commercial directors and made City 17 because they are fans of the Valve video game Half-Life.

The first part was released in 2009, generating millions of view, and got Hollywood buzzing. They signed with CAA and Anonymous Content and were fielding movie offers. They rejected those in favor of finishing their film while continuing to do commercial work.

The most interesting part: the movie was done on the cheap. The super cheap. The budget is said to be $500 for both parts, although they did use equipment used previously on their commercials and used a few shortcuts like incorporating a few video game elements.

Still, Hollywood production execs are pointing to effective movies such as this as an example what can be done as they slash budgets for tentpoles.

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