'Europa Report' Trailer: Astronauts Investigate Aliens on Jupiter's Moon (Video)

The first clip from the Sebastián Cordero-directed thriller evokes the tone of titles like "District 9."

Humans find alien life in Earth's solar system. Things don't go well from there. 

The familiar premise serves as the basis for Magnet Releasing's Europa Report, directed by Sebastián Cordero (Pescador). 

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A newly released first trailer for the title mines 2001: A Space Odyssey territory and evokes the realism of recent sci-fi titles like District 9.

The plot involves a manned mission to Jupiter's moon, Europa, where a team of astronauts investigates alien life. 

The cast includes Sharlto Copley (A-Team, District 9) as well as Michael Nyqvist (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) and Karolina Wydra (Crazy, Stupid, Love).

The film is set for VOD release on June 27 and arrives in theaters on August 2.