Spy Comic 'Eve Stranger' Launching in April

Eve Stranger - Publicity - P 2018
Philip Bond/Black Crown
The amnesiac superspy will debut from IDW's Black Crown in April.

In the high-risk world of international espionage, there’s only one way to keep a secret: Make sure that even the person that knows can’t remember. This April, prepare to meet Eve Stranger, amnesiac-for-hire.

Being unable to remember isn’t the only special feature of the protagonist of the upcoming five-issue series from IDW Publishing’s cutting-edge Black Crown imprint; Eve also has nanobombs in her bloodstream, ensuring that she completes each new mission, no matter who she’s working for — and her services are available for the highest bidder.

“Imagine if you were the best in the world at pretty much everything,” explained co-creator and series writer David Barnett (Punks Not Dead, Calling Major Tom). “Super-spy. Assassin. International rescue. The jobs nobody else can — or is willing to — take on. Now imagine if you couldn’t even remember that you saved the world last week, and that you have to do it all again today… or you’ll die. Welcome to the world of Eve Stranger.”

Joining Barnett on the series is co-creator and Wired World, Kill Your Boyfriend and Vimanarama artist, Philip Bond, who says of his new heroine, “For the right price, she can be your babysitter or personal shopper, your scuba treasure or space station saboteur.”

The new series, lettered by Aditya Bidikar with colors from Eva de la Cruz, will launch in April; below, two of Bond’s pages from the first issue.