Everything You Know About 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Is Wrong

Star Trek Into Darkness: An IMAX 3D Experience One Sheet - P 2013
As the movie's Peter Weller explains, it's possible that you were looking at what happened in this summer's installment of the long-running sci-fi movie franchise in the wrong way.

The true hero of Star Trek Into Darkness? If you ask Peter Weller, he'll tell you that the answer is his character, Alexander Marcus -- whom, to most people, may have seemed like one of the movie's villains. That's because, he argues, those people weren't actually paying attention to the movie itself.

"Everything Marcus says in the film is true, which people forget," Weller told The Onion's AV Club when talking about the movie. "People go, 'Bad guy! Bad guy!' But why is he a bad guy? Everything he says is true: The Klingons are coming, they do need Khan, and that’s that. It's just that he's going to sacrifice the entire Enterprise to get the job done, because the Enterprise started to believe Khan. But if the Enterprise had not believed Khan and had done what Marcus said, then there'd be no movie, and everything would be cool."

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So who, then, are the bad guys if Marcus was right? "The Enterprise wakes the dude up and listens to his game, and then everything goes to crap," Weller explained. "But that's the Enterprise's hubris. That's them. They screwed up, not Marcus." Clearly, someone needs to start a new web series where Peter Weller explains how every single episode of Star Trek is all Captain Kirk's fault. Star Trek Into Revisionism, anyone?