'Evil Dead' Trailer Is Bloody, Bloody Mayhem (Video)

However you like your blood -- projectile vomited, flung wide by chainsaw hacks, dripping from a knife -- the remake of Evil Dead has you covered.

An update to the Sam Raimi-directed horror classic, this new film looks to up the ante on the strange mutations and excretions. Co-written by Oscar winner Diablo Cody and director Fede Alvarez, the movie stars Jane Levy (the Suburgatory star, here with brown hair and a demon tearing apart her insides) and Shiloh Fernandez as two of five twentysomethings who unlock ancient demons from a book (teaching college kids that books are their worst enemies).

The film, due for an April release, is the result of a long effort to remake the original after three sequels continued the franchise's legacy. It also comes on the heels of Raimi blocking the release of an unauthorized sequel.

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