'Extraction' Trailer: Never Stand Between a Son and His Father When the Dad Is Bruce Willis

EXTRACTION Official Trailer Screen Shot - H 2015
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Kellan Lutz and Gina Carano are out to save Willis and the world in the new thriller.

Never underestimate the strength of the bond between father and son — especially when the father is Bruce Willis, the son Twilight's Kellan Lutz, and the fate of the free world is at stake. If that sounds like your idea of fun, the first trailer for Extraction might just make your weekend.

Lutz plays Harry Turner, a government analyst who sets out to rescue his retired CIA agent father, Leonard (Willis) from a group of terrorists who plan to unleash nuclear destruction upon the U.S. if their demands aren't met. He's not along in the hunt for Turner senior — Gina Carano's CIA agent is also on the case and, unsurprisingly, Willis himself proves to be no pushover.

Sounds ridiculous? That might be the point; in the trailer, Lutz responds to Carano suggesting that he has no real plan by saying he "works in the movies," suggesting that this is a movie that knows exactly what it's here to do: move fast, kick ass and feature a lot of explosive stunts in the process.

Silent Night's Steven C. Miller directs the feature from a screenplay written by Umair Aleem and Max Adams. Extraction will be available through Video-on-Demand and limited theater release Dec. 18. Think of it as a Die Hard-esque piece of counter-programming to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.