Fame Is a Killer in New Comic Book Series 'The Forevers' (Exclusive Art)

The Forevers Field Concept Art - Publicity - H 2016
<p>The Forevers Field Concept Art - Publicity - H 2016</p>   |   Eric Pfeiffer/Black Mask Studios
A group of friends find themselves hunted by one of their own in this new supernatural thriller from Black Mask Studios.

How far would you go to hold on to success?

That's the question at the center of The Forevers, a new comic book series by writer Curt Pires and artist Eric Pfeiffer, coming this fall from Black Mask Studios. Announced exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, the new series launches in September and THR can debut the cover artwork and character designs from the first issue.

The Forevers of the series' title are a group of friends in Hollywood who take part in a black magic ritual intended to bring them success in their chosen fields: rocker, model, actress, rapper and mogul. To their surprise, the ritual worked, and then some — not only did they all find fame, but they also stayed mysteriously young compared with their contemporaries … or, at least, they did until the magic started to wear off.

When one of the group dies in a car accident, the remaining members discover an unexpected side effect: The deceased's share of the magic is shared between the survivors. Suddenly, someone is hunting the group, picking them off one at a time to keep the dwindling supply of magic for themselves. But can the killer be revealed before it's too late?

The series is the latest work by Pires, a writer who's worked with Image Comics and Dark Horse in addition to Black Mask; Mayday, his previous Black Mask series, is currently in development as a TV project with Tim Kring's Imperative Entertainment.

Below are the covers for the first issue, along with Pfeiffer's concept art for the series.