'Family Guy's Stewie and Brian Offer Life Hacks to Stop Coronavirus Panic-Buying

Creator Seth MacFarlane posted the audio clip on Wednesday night, along with a new drawing of the familiar cartoon characters.

In light of the new coronavirus pandemic where most Americans are instructed to stay at home except for essential work or business, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane posted a drawing of familiar characters Stewie — this time, wearing a protective mask — and Brian, engaged in a podcast about their experience being holed up in the house.

The clip included audio of their conversation, beginning with a bored Stewie recounting his activities:

"OK, we have played Trivial Pursuit until we have memorized every clue; we have played Candyland; we have played Sorry!, so what's left to do during a quarantine but, make a podcast," declares Stewie. "Wow, a podcast, that's so hard," says Brian. "No, Brian, it's actually about the easiest thing in the world." He asks, "Well, so, what do we do?"

"Well, we just talk about whatever's relevant. Now, what's on people's minds these days?" Stewie asks, a rhetorical question. "Katy Perry's pregnant, what else?" "Tom Brady's going to Florida," Brian offers. "Coronavirus," Stewie says, getting cut off by Brian. "Wait, she's pregnant?" "Way pregnant, yeah," Stewie answers. "Wow, congratulations, Katy Perry," Brian exclaims.

Later in the podcast, Stewie and Brian offer "a few ways to keep yourself occupied until we can go back to canceling dinner plans, not that you might get sick, but because it just sounds like a lot, tonight." Brian jumps in with, "Our goal is to help remind everyone that we can get through this with cooperation and togetherness." He immediately launches into a rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine," in which a group of stars sang last Wednesday in a video posted to Gal Gadot's Instagram. "Unwelcome, even in a global pandemic," Stewie says, nipping it in the bud. 

He continues to say, "Now, obviously many of our favorite television shows are down at the moment, but do you know if The Masked Singer is still up and running?" Brian responds, "I don't think so, why would they be?" "Brian, they have masks," Stewie says.

They then discuss "panic-buying," noting that toilet paper, in particular, is very hard to come by right now. Offering some hacks, Stewie says, "If you own a tie, you have toilet paper." "I would recommend scooting your ass on the lawn," Brian adds. 

"Cough into your elbow," was among the other tips for staying well during the coronavirus outbreak, before the pair went on to acknowledge that every email they are receiving from companies comes with a uniform type of message: "We'll get through this together."

They also squabble about who gives the most up to date guidelines about the coronavirus, landing on WHO — the World Health Organization. 

Watch the whole podcast clip below.






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